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Project Client / EPCM Scope of Work
Pengrowth Lindbergh SAGD, pilot and Phase 1/
Scovan Engineering Inc., Drifter Projects Ltd.
Vessels and skids for main facility and well pads, including: group separator, test separator, well pair skids, source water, pump skids and Boiler feed water.
NUVISTA Bilbo Compressor/
Allardyce Bower Consulting Inc. (ABC)
Inlet separator building (10’X30’), building and electrical, wall piping and instrumentation.
Sunshine West Ells SAGD/
PW/Glycol exchanger skid, west tank IGF, ORF skids, blow down separator, south water building, pop drum building, various other process skids, modules and spooling.
MPF Skids and vessels, well pair vessels skids and modules.
Encana, Plains Midstream NRGreen Chickadee Creek, Tridyne Projects LaGlace/
Canwest Projects Inc.
Ongoing spooling projects.
Cenovus Christina Lake & Foster Creek, Narrows Lake/
Cenovus Energy Inc.
Ongoing pipe spool packages and modules.
Connacher Great Divide, Algar SAGD/
MPF Vessels and process skids, Well pair vessels and skids, modules, well pair skid 104A/B addition, group and test separator addition.
Encana Ecuador Dorine 1/
BDR Engineering
10’x50’ FWKO, H20 injection skids, miscellaneous skids.
Deer Creek Energy Joslyn #2 Phase I and II SAGD Facility/
BDR Engineering
MPF skids and vessels modules, well pair vessels skids and modules.
Peyto Swanson, Newman/
Two 10’x30’ packaged inlet separator skids.
N-SOLV Dover Heavy Oil/
Hatch Engineering
Pipe modules
Statoil Leismer/
Piping spool
Suncor Millenium/
Intermediate blowdown drums, amine contactor, KO drums.